{Marc and Brittany}

I was so happy to provide flowers to this beautiful union of this giddy in-love, adorable couple! Marc and Brittany seem to be a match made in heaven. You can feel the spark of their love just being around them. You can't help but smile when you see them so blissfully into one another. I ran into them the week before the wedding several times and it seemed that they did not see anything around them, just each other! That is a perfect love in my book!

Pictures Provided by: Sandra Jarvis Photography

Red roses was what Brittany wanted. The color scheme was Red, black and white. She like the damask ribbon and ribbon loops to add to the depth of the roses. I added some bling to jazz it up. It complimented her custom one of a kind dress so nicely.

The Groom with his Groomsmen
The flower girl was so adorable! She sat at our table and just talked and talked. I wanted to take her home! This picture is so fun and so realistic of how the flower girl was really in control.
I love this picture! Can't you just feel the love when they look at each other!

If you look behind them you can see the gladiolus that I put together for the ceremony.
Beautiful Bride!

We wish Marc and Brittany a wonderful life together!!!


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